What to Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a valuable device that you can rely on to get the job done, successfully fighting off dirt and grime time after time. Maybe that’s why you’re shopping for the best piece of cleaning equipment on the market right now.

Here’s what to consider when buying a pressure washer:

What do you need the pressure washer for?

Pressure Washer Buying GuideIs it a small job, or a big job? Less intensive clean, or a more in-depth scrub?

These are the initial questions to answer because that’ll decide whether you need a gas-powered washer, which is more powerful but uses more energy, or an electric-power washer, which does the opposite.


Do you require easy mobility in your pressure washer?

It’s the job that’s the question here. If it’s a larger job that will require less portability, then a bigger pressure washer is probably your best bet. If it’s the opposite—a smaller job, that requires a lot of movement—then choose smaller. You want one that’s the most convenient for you and your project.

Do you need hot or cold water?

Do you need a pressure washer that uses hot water, or cold water? Answering this question takes understanding your own position.

If you’re a homeowner, who’s only planning to tackle household tasks with the pressure washer, then cold water should be just fine. But if you’re using the washer for industrial or farm purposes, then we would suggest hot water.

Once you’ve considered these three questions—the job itself; its portability; and the kind of work you’ll need it for—you’ll be ready to buy a pressure washer. And when you’re ready, call on the experts at North Texas Sales & Distribution to help you shop. Contact us today to get started!