What to Look for in an Effective Electric Pressure Washer

Dirt, grease, and grime are no match for a pressure washer, a tool that uses high-pressure water spray to remove unwanted substances from surfaces and objects. While there are a few types of pressure washers to select from, electric pressure washers offer numerous benefits that make them a very effective tool for your cleaning needs.

Benefits of electric pressure washers

Perfect for tough cleaning jobs, electric pressure washers offer less risk of damage than their gas counterparts due to lower water pressure, thus requiring less control and caution. Forget the hearing protection when using electric pressure washers: they’re notorious for how quiet they are when in use. Electric pressure washers are great for cleaning small decks and patios, as well as furniture, grills, and pool areas.

Worker Using an Electric Pressure Washer in TXThere’s no need for a manual start with an electric pressure washer. You simply plug in your washer and get to work. Unlike gas-powered pressure washers, there is no oil or gas required and typically no major parts needing to be replaced, which makes maintenance simple and almost non-existent. Electric washers are small and lightweight, making them easy to use and extremely convenient for cleaning. These tools provide enough pressure to clean up dirty areas without damage, but often come with attachments to add power.

Electric pressure washers do not emit potentially harmful fumes, meaning you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. With compact dimensions, less weight, and typically cheaper prices than their alternatives, electric pressure washers help you keep your home looking spectacular.

Hot water and cold water washers

Electric pressure washers typically come in two designs: hot water pressure or cold water pressure. Cold water pressure washers are great for removing caked-on dirt and hot water pressure washers cut well through oil and grease.

Make your power washing job fast, safe, and easy with a Hotsy cold water electric power pressure washer. Designed to withstand years of strong power washing, each product includes heavy-duty parts and additional features that let you change the pressure and shutdown of the washer. Choose a larger model for industrial jobs or handheld models for immense cleaning power with increased convenience. You can also find the power you need combined with the features you desire with a Hotsy electric hot water pressure washer. These electric powered pressure washers use electricity for water heating and power washing. All machines include a seven-year warranty and ETL safety certification.

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