With Winter Just Around the Corner, It’s Time to Think Heat

We’re already halfway through November, and even here in Texas the nights are starting to cool off. Before we know it, it will be downright chilly all across the country. Is your workspace prepared for the drop in temperatures? The cold outside shouldn’t keep you from being able to work effectively indoors. This is especially important for businesses that utilize temperature-sensitive equipment. Here at North Texas Sales & Distribution, we offer a number of cost-effective heating options for a variety of applications.

For small spaces and spot heating, consider a Val 6.

These compact heaters deliver clean, radiant heat right where you need it. By virtue of the design of their combustion chambers, they are also remarkably energy efficient. These heaters can run either on diesel or kerosene, and some models can operate for up to 16 hours on a single tank of fuel. To learn more about the different Val 6 models we offer, you can check out our earlier blog entry here.

Heat the whole shop with a Clean Burn waste oil heater.

For larger workspaces, these heaters offer an effective and extremely affordable alternative to electric heaters. They are especially well suited to businesses who operate fleets of heavy machinery. Rather than dispose of your equipment’s used motor oil, why not reuse it to heat your shop? These heaters will keep your energy bills low and your workspace nice and warm all winter long. You can learn more about Clean Burn’s heaters here.

Stay tuned for more updates from your premier source for industrial cleaning and heating needs – North Texas Sales & Distribution.