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North Texas Sales & Distribution is your source for Hotsy pressure washers for sale in Dallas, Fort Worth, Midland, Arlington and other cities across Texas. Whether you are looking for a small, inexpensive model to make everyday cleaning tasks easier, or you are looking for a full-scale industrial model to keep up with heavy-duty needs, we can help you find the right pressure, oil heater, detergents and accessories.

Our representatives are available to help you find the right Hotsy pressure washer at the right price. Tell us what you need your pressure washer for, the frequency you’ll be using it and what type of materials you are working with, and we will help you find the right model. We have cold water and hot water pressure washers with various strengths, volume and configurations, so you have the power and reach you need. If your Hotsy pressure washer is in need of service, we can also provide you with parts and technicians to fully repair your pressure washer.

Find power washers for sale in Dallas with exceptional customer service and field service. Contact us for Hotsy commercial pressure washers, the #1 brand in the industry, or clean burn oil heaters. We serve cities across Texas, including Dallas/Fort Worth, west to Midland/Odessa, up to Lubbock, east to Kilgore, up to Texarkana and all points in between. Call the office nearest you to learn more about our cleaning products and services. ??

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