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Pressure Washing Detergents and Soap – The Easiest Way to Aid Your Cleaning Ability

If you use a pressure washer, you can greatly enhance the cleaning performance by using the right detergent. In fact, choosing the right pressure washer soap is an important decision, one that can have a great impact on your bottom line.


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Loosen dirt, stains, mildew, grease, or whatever you are trying to clean off by helping the cleaning process. Having the right chemical – and pressure washing equipment means you’ve equipped yourself with the proper tools. Here’s a simple example…most of us have rinsed a greasy plate in the sink. Using cold water doesn’t break down the grease. However, when you use hot water and soap, it disappears. This same combination of soap and hot water will allow you to clean much faster – and more efficiently.

North Texas Sales and Distribution offers a full line of quality detergents and degreasers for every tough cleaning job. We will be happy to perform a free analysis on your water, to check the pH balance and recommend the best detergent for your water, as well as for what you’re cleaning. We stock degreasers, all-purpose cleaners, transportation and specialty cleaners – our detergents are classified by what they clean best. Our most popular products are:

Hotsy Breakthrough is a highly concentrated detergent that’s extremely popular and effective for tackling crude oil and caked-on buildup of wheel grease . . . yet it’s gentle enough for fine finishes on cars and to use for general cleaning purposes. Helps restore all types of oxidized paint surfaces.

Hotsy Brown detergent is caustic based for fast and thorough cleaning. Hotsy Brown is a non-butyl product that is particularly effective on carbon-based deposits such as road film and exhaust stains, as well as dirt and grease.

Hotsy Ripper II – This popular extra heavy-duty detergent is caustic-based for really tough cleaning jobs such as heavy equipment and off-road machinery. Extra cleaning action attacks hydraulic-oil stains and is particularly effective on heavy deposits of dirt and grease

From Hotsy detergents to our own custom blended soap, at NTXSD we want to meet all your detergent needs. Our products are available in 5 and 55 gallon containers as well as large bulk tanks, holding to 275 gallons, which we deliver as needed to your place of business. This is a popular option with companies who clean round the clock, as they never have to fear running out of pressure washer detergent.

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