Hotsy Brown

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If you have construction equipment with road film and exhaust stains on it or farm equipment coated in dirt and grease, one of the best ways to remove it is with Hotsy Brown non-butyl detergent from North Texas Sales & Distribution. Although this detergent is not recommended for use on vehicles with fine finishes or for equipment made out of aluminum, galvanized metal, or magnesium, it’s an extra strength detergent that is caustic based, meaning it will work wonders on hard-to-clean vehicles and equipment covered with carbon-based deposits.

Available in 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and Bulk Paks, Hotsy Brown non-butyl detergent is designed to work with pressure washers that specialize in high temperature cleaning. It’s a highly concentrated detergent, which means you won’t have to use much of it to see real results. It can be used on the aforementioned construction equipment and farm equipment as well as on off-road machinery and other heavy equipment. It can eliminate signs of diesel smoke, fifth-wheel grease, carbon, oil, salts, clay, and more, and it’s great for carrying out tasks like engine cleaning and degreasing.

Despite its powerful formula, Hosty Brown non-butyl detergent is biodegradable and completely safe for the environment. It also contains Hotsy’s Continuous Clean Additive that will protect your pressure washer while you’re using it. It’s competitively priced to provide you with excellent cleaning power without the high price tag you might expect to come along with it. It’ll extend the life of your equipment while keeping it looking its best and performing to a high standard.

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