Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot Water Pressure Washers – Clean Faster & Better

Hotsy hot water pressure washers

Does the equipment you’re cleaning have any grease or oil on it? If you work in the oil or food processing industry that question is a no-brainer, but many industries face challenges where hot water cleaning is essential. From removing road film and diesel smoke on tractor trailers, resins and glue in manufacturing – even pens, stalls and floors, you need a hot water pressure washer to cut through stubborn contaminants.

Immediate Hot Water Cleaning

If you’ve washed a greasy plate in the sink you’re likely aware that cold water doesn’t remove the grease. Hot water breaks down grease and oils and the best way to have it readily available is with a hot water pressure washer. With Hotsy, you have hot water instantly at the pull of the trigger – hot water streams to 200° F and higher.

Work Faster and More Efficiently with Hot Water Cleaning

When you choose a hot water pressure washer, you’re equipped with a tool to clean your equipment in the most effective way possible. You’ve got a lot of capital invested in your operation, and smart business owners care for equipment by cleaning it often. Worker safety and company image are two reasons to high pressure wash, but it can also uncover hazards that could turn into breakdowns. Choose the brand the pros use…Hotsy’s are built for industrial applications, designed for daily use. Pair them with Hotsy detergents and you have a winning combo for effective cleaning.

A Hotsy Hot Water Washer For Every Industry – Plus The Service To Back It Up

We’ve installed Hotsy’s inside and out at businesses around North Texas, and our customers know one thing – we’ll match you to the Hotsy model you need for your job. Well, another thing they know is we service what we sell. Buying a pressure washer is a big decision, and by choosing North Texas Sales & Distribution, you also get the comfort of knowing that we support our products with service. Our sales reps travel the Dallas metro area to East Texas to discuss your hot water cleaning needs in person, or we can ship internationally.