Diesel Heated and Diesel Powered

Diesel Powered and Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

Looking for an effective and efficient industrial power washer? Diesel powered hot water industrial pressure washers heat the water instantly, making it easy to clean grime, dirt, mud, oil and other residue off your boat, truck, building, or other surface.
Our hot water industrial pressure washers are a great investment for any business. They can keep your equipment in working order, or potentially uncover problem areas that can turn into bigger issues down the road.
All our products are backed by the strongest warranty in the business, with an even stronger customer service support system. We have a staff of factory trained and knowledgeable technicians that have the experience necessary to tackle any potential problem with any pressure washer.
Please contact us today to make an appointment to meet with a sales representative to discuss which industrial pressure washer is right for your needs.