Electric Powered

Electric Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers

North Texas Sales supplies electric powered industrial pressure washers from Hotsy utilizing an electric power source for both water heating and power washing. With multiple electric powered industrial power washers to choose from, you can have the power you need with the features you want.
Hotsy industrial pressure washers can be easily used for both residential and commercial applications. Choose a larger model with more power to take care of heavy-duty washing jobs on the factory floor, around semis and trailers, or other equipment. For cleaning away paint, grime and dirt from sidewalks, streets, patios and other surfaces around your home, select a smaller, mobile model. Each unit includes everything you need to complete your power-washing project, including a 7-year warranty and ETL safety certification. No matter what type of surface you are working with, Hotsy has industrial power washing equipment to make the job fast and easy.
North Texas Sales ships, services and repairs Hotsy units of all kinds. Click to see specifications on new Hotsy electric powered hot water industrial pressure washers and contact North Texas Sales for more information.