Fuel Oil Heated & Electric Powered

Electric Powered & Fuel Oil Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

Our diesel fired industrial pressure washers are perfect for stripping paint, grime, baked on oil, and dirt from buildings, decks, boats, or any other surface. We offer quality products at affordable prices, so you can feel confident that your equipment will work effectively when you need it, every time.
Moreover, our diesel fired hot water industrial pressure washers use heating oil, kerosene, or diesel, to heat the water. Our hot water industrial pressure washers conveniently come in a full range of electrical needs, so no matter what power you have, we have the industrial pressure washer for your needs.
We back up our products with responsive on-site service from our factory trained technicians. Whatever your problem, you can be sure that our knowledgeable and experienced staff can figure out how to fix it.
In addition, we have factory trained technicians readily available to help you, regardless of whether you need on-sight service or want to drop it off to one of our service centers.
Browse our online selection of oil and electric industrial power washers or contact us today with any questions.