Natural Gas Heated & Electric Powered

Electric Powered and Natural Gas Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

For those looking for heavy-duty washing power with an easy to use and maintainable unit, North Texas Sales has a Hotsy natural gas heated power washer for your needs. North Texas Sales gives you a variety of hot water industrial pressure washers to choose, with propane, natural gas or hot water coil heating tanks.
Hot water industrial pressure washers heated with natural gas allow you to work indoors or outdoors with varying models as needed. With different models to choose from, you can bring a heavy-duty standing unit into your shop as a permanent cleaning fixture, or select a mobile unit that you can bring with you. Smart Relay controls allow you can set the thermostat, run time, and other specifications on your hot water industrial pressure washer. Removable panels make it easy to clean and maintain the unit.
Click to see specifications on each model and find the right equipment for your needs. Contact North Texas Sales and Distribution for more information on ordering, maintenance or repairs on any unit.