Liquid Propane Heated & Electric Powered

Electric Powered Liquid Propane Heated Hot Water Pressure Washers

North Texas Sales supplies hot water industrial pressure washers from Hotsy in a variety of sizes and strengths. The propane and electric powered industrial pressure washers provide a powerful wash with a fuel source that works for you. The water is heated through a liquid propane heating tank and powered by an electric motor. Hotsy equips each machine with a number of features to make each model easy and convenient to operate.
Hot water industrial pressure washers power away dirt, grime, grease, paint and other debris quickly and effectively. With propane tanks in the size that you need, you can use Hotsy industrial pressure washers for big or small jobs. Hotsy industrial pressure washers deliver a powerful wash with versatile features. Choose a programmable model you can automate to save time and manpower, or a mobile unit you can move around the shop. Removable panels protect the interior components from impacts and dirt, while also making each model easy to maintain and service.
Order a propane and electric powered industrial pressure washer for your business or garage. Contact North Texas Sales for more information and click to see specifications on each model.
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