North Texas Sales and Distribution knows how important your equipment is to the integrity and success of your business. If your pressure washer isn’t up to par, or if it needs repairs you’ve been waiting to complete, you’re losing money and potentially losing client’s loyalty as well. You spend hard earned money on your machines, and we know how important it is to keep them running and in good condition. Maintaining your machines is easy when you have us on your side!
We offer the best selection around of Hotsy hot and cold pressure washing machines and parts, as well as offering on-site service for your business. Whether you run a small operation or a big one, you can rely on us to keep you on the road and your equipment in tip top shape. Find everything you need at North Texas Distribution, located in Athens, TX. Aside from top quality machines, we carry clean burn waste oil heaters, accessories, water heaters, and Hotsy detergents. Your clients will be impressed with your service, and you’ll be impressed with ours! Stop by or give us a call for more information.

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