Get the latest and most efficient pressure washing equipment for your plant, or keep your existing equipment in top shape with equipment, parts and service from North Texas Sales and Distribution. We provide trusted service and exceptional equipment to Corsicana, TX, with a versatile array of systems, replacement parts, repairs and maintenance.  Whatever you use your pressure washing and cleaning equipment for, we will help to ensure you receive the fastest, deepest and most efficient clean.

We supply and service industrial and commercial power washing equipment of all kinds. From outdoor power washers used for cleaning houses, siding, sidewalks and patios, to indoor systems used for cleaning tenacious grease and paint off of manufacturing equipment, we make sure each piece is operating at full power to get the job done fast and complete.  We fulfill service orders with next-day responses and give you complete information on new systems, so you can select the ideal service with minimal downtime.

Contact us to schedule repairs or maintenance for your equipment, or see our product lines to order replacement parts, detergents, chemicals or new systems directly.

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