Maybe you’ve invested in a pressure washer, waste oil heater, and all the accessories, but it’s sitting in your garage waiting for repairs, or seems to have lost its effectiveness over time. Or maybe you’re new to the world of power washers, and don’t feel safe making a big purchase online from an anonymous “expert.” We want you to know that if you’re in Midland, there is a location nearby where the knowledgeable staff of North Texas Sales & Distribution can help you find or fix your pressure washers and heaters.

We carry Hotsy products because they are the top of the line, including hot and cold power washers, waste oil heaters, accessories, parts, and fluids. We are more than happy to show you around at any of our shops, where we also repair and maintain machines as well. For convenience, we also offer on-site repairs and maintenance. Give us a call to get more information, or stop by to talk to a member of our team today.

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