North Texas Sales and Distribution provides complete solutions for commercial and industrial pressure washers and other cleaning systems. Our expert technicians and sales representative serve thousands of companies across Texas in a wide variety of industries with top-quality equipment and comprehensive repairs.

We provide experienced maintenance and repairs to hundreds of pressure washers, heaters and steam cleaning systems.  Whether you rely on your pressure washing systems to keep your plant clean, maintain your fleet, maintain your production equipment or work outdoors, we will keep your systems running at their best.  We supply the parts and expertise to fulfill 95% of service calls with next-day, on-site completion, so you can get up and running again faster.  From our complete Hotsy pressure washing systems and other equipment to our repairs and maintenance, all our services are affordable, reliable, complete and showcase the highest level of quality.

See our line of equipment, replacement parts, detergents and chemicals to find what you’re looking for, or give us a call for more information.  We are happy to help you find anything you need, or provide on-site repairs for your equipment in Texarkana and surrounding areas.

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