North Texas Sales and Distribution provides trusted service, sales and support to industrial pressure washing systems in Tyler, TX.  With a complete array of replacement parts and expert service staff, we repair and maintain pressure washers and steam cleaners of all types.  For new systems, we supply Hotsy equipment for their unbeatable performance, longevity, and equipment warranties.

From hot and cold water washers to steam cleaners and custom trailer rigs to clean burn oil heaters, we supply everything you need to keep your plant and equipment clean and safe.  With dozens of models and designs to choose from, we can help you select the best product for your needs, with the most cost-effective energy usage, size, pressure and water temperature.  If your existing equipment is in need of service, we will bring the necessary replacement parts to you and our experienced service staff will give your systems a complete check.

For more information on Hotsy pressure washing systems and additional equipment, or to have your cleaning systems repaired, give us a call today.

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