Wichita Falls

If you own a pressure washer in Wichita Falls, TX, then you need to know about North Texas Sales and Distribution. Whether you use your machine for home or business use, you rely on it to be in peak condition, or else you’d just be throwing money away. Losing customers or watching your machine sit collecting dust, no one likes to wait on parts for repairs! Let our service team impress you with timely on-site service.

We pride ourselves on keeping the parts in stock to keep you in business, and over 95% of our service calls require no ordering at all. We carry Hotsy hot and cold pressure washers, parts, and accessories, as well as clean waste oil heaters, water heaters and more. Check out Hotsy detergents for the best possible pressure cleaning products available. If you need help or want to schedule a service call, give us a call or stop by and see us.

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